Cohen plays Security Council recording of Hamas terrorist bragging of killing Jews

At the UN Security Council, Foreign Minister Eli Cohen plays a recording of what he says is a Hamas terrorist bragging to his parents that he “is proud that he has the blood of 10 [Jews] that he murdered.”

“Mr. Secretary General, this is the world that we live [in],” he says, continuing to pound Antonio Guterres for his comment that the Hamas attacks did not occur in a vacuum.

According to the IDF, which played the tape as part of a screening for foreign journalists on Hamas atrocities a day earlier, the call was made using the phone of a woman the terrorist had just killed.

In it, the terrorist boasts of being a hero for killing 10 Jews with his own hands.

Cohen tweets that he has canceled a planned meeting with Guterres.

“After October 7, there is no room for a balanced approach,” he writes.

In Israel, minister Benny Gantz also takes aim at Guterres.


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