Complex surgery at Rambam hospital saves life of 7-year-old Gaza boy

Madchat Tapash, after heart surgery. (Rambam Health Care Campus)
Madchat Tapash, after heart surgery. (Rambam Health Care Campus)

Doctors at Rambam Health Care Campus in Haifa performed a complex surgery that managed to save the life of a 7-year-old boy from Gaza, the hospital says in a press statement.

The boy, Madchat Tapash was born with a defect in his renal system that caused life-threatening kidney failure and an improperly functioning bladder, requiring a multidisciplinary team of specialists to repair the damage. Madchat had already undergone 15 surgeries and dozens of procedures during his short life.

“The operation consisted of three different surgeries conducted almost simultaneously, the hospital says, “in which the boy’s bladder was reconstructed, a kidney donated by his mother was removed from her body and implanted in his body, and, finally, Madchat’s new kidney was successfully connected to his reconstructed bladder.”

The recent operation lasted 11 hours.

“An operation of this magnitude required the participation and coordination of dozens of people, and multiple hospital departments. Without intensive advance preparation and great motivation to succeed, it would have been extremely difficult to carry out this extraordinary undertaking,” says pediatric surgery department director Ran Steinberg.

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