Conference of Presidents laments tragedy in Ukraine, avoids faulting Russia for it

The Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations issues a statement expressing outrage over the “humanitarian tragedy” unfolding in Ukraine, while avoiding casting blame on Russia.

“We mourn the many victims of this unnecessary and deadly conflict. We urge a swift and peaceful lasting resolution to the crisis,” the umbrella body representing 50 US Jewish groups says, adding that it is engaged in efforts to bring humanitarian assistance to the affected populations.

The conference commends the countries that have opened their borders to Ukrainian refugees and encourages the US to do the same.

It calls for historical sites such as Kyiv’s Babyn Yar Massacre memorial site to be protected but avoids naming Russia as the country responsible for strikes on those areas.

“We encourage all parties, and particularly the Russian Federation, to refrain from historical revisionism that trivializes and distorts the reality of the Holocaust,” the conference says, in the statement’s only mention of Russia.

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