Court green-lights legalization of West Bank outpost with use of precedent-setting tactic

The Jerusalem District Court has green-lighted the use of a tactic known as “market regulation” to legalize the central West Bank outpost of Mitzpe Kramim.

The policy trusts that wildcat Israeli homes were built in good faith by unwitting settlers, who are then granted legal status to remain, as the court says was the case with Mitzpe Kramim.

However, the decision handed down today clarifies that it does not relate to issues of ownership of the property. A number of Palestinians claim ownership of the land on which the outpost was built and if they file an appeal against the ruling, the legalization process would be stalled.

Nonetheless, the decision marks the first time the tactic of market regulation has been adapted by an Israeli court regarding property in the West Bank and could pave way to legalization of dozens of illegal outposts.

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