Detention extended for suspects accused of sexually assaulting Eilat hotel guests

A judge has ordered two men suspected of sexually assaulting two women in their Eilat hotel room held behind bars for at least three more days as police investigate the allegations.

The two are accused of entering a hotel room in the resort city where the two women had been sleeping and trying to engage them sexually. They were arrested Sunday after a police complaint was filed over the weekend.

“I felt something touching me while I slept, trying to undress me,” one of the complainants tells Kan. “I opened my eyes and saw my friend on the bed not responding while a man was on top of her and she was half naked. Touching her, kissing her. I turned my head and saw a strange man behind me and started to scream.”

According to Channel 13 news, it is thought that the suspects had followed the two victims on Instagram. Investigators are still trying to determine how the suspects gained access to the room.

One of the suspects told police that he was dragged along by his friend, who misled him by telling him that he knew the victims. Earlier reports indicated that the two claimed they were there consensually.

A sister of one of the victims, who was supposed to join the pair on the trip, expressed anger at the hotel for not keeping its guests safer.

“They break into your most private place, a hotel that you know is supposed to safeguard your privacy. How can something like this happen,” she tells Channel 13 news.

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