Families of hostages head to Gaza border crossing to block aid entry in protest

Relatives of hostages held by Palestinian terrorists in Gaza are making their way to the Kerem Shalom border crossing, intending to block it in protest of the daily shipments of humanitarian aid to Gazans while no access has been granted for Red Cross officials to visit the hostages, assess their condition and give them basic humanitarian and medical necessities.

A convoy of vehicles is on the way to the crossing, Hebrew media reports.

Shai Wenkert, father of 22-year-old hostage Omer, tells Ynet: “We will arrive at Kerem Shalom crossing to prevent the entry of goods and medications to the Gaza Strip. My son suffers from colitis [an autoimmune condition]. Since October 7 he hasn’t seen a doctor or received medications, and it cannot be hundreds of trucks are entering Gaza now.”

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