Family of hostage Daniella Gilboa permits publication of Hamas propaganda video from January

Daniella Gilboa in a Hamas propaganda clip published January 26, 2024. (Screenshot: Telegram)
Daniella Gilboa in a Hamas propaganda clip published January 26, 2024. (Screenshot: Telegram)

The family of Daniella Gilboa permits the publication of a Hamas propaganda clip from January in which the hostage says she has been abandoned by the government and begs to be brought home.

While the existence of the video was reported at the time it was released, most Israeli media outlets did not publish it.

Gilboa’s mother, Orly Gilboa, tells the Kan public broadcaster that the family decided to permit publication of the clip in the hope it would show the importance of the renewed talks for a hostage-truce deal.

At the beginning of the clip, Gilboa identifies herself as a soldier kidnapped from the Nahal Oz base on October 7. She says that she has been held for 107 days, although the date of the video cannot be verified. Gilboa was likely coerced when she made the video.

“I am under bombardment and fire 24 hours a day and I am very afraid for my life,” she says. “Your bombs nearly killed me on one occasion.”

“Where were you on October 7 when I was kidnapped from my bed? Where are you now?” she says.

“Why should I as a soldier… feel that I have been abandoned and thrown away?” she says.

“Get over yourselves dear government and start doing your job as is necessary. Bring us home alive,” she says, then sends a personal message to her family, telling them how much she misses them.

“I hope she doesn’t lose hope, that she knows they’ll get out of there,” her mother, Orly, tells the Kan public broadcaster.

The original clip also featured Karina Ariev and Doron Steinbrecher.

Gilboa, 19, was in touch with her family on the morning of the attack and sent her boyfriend videos that morning.

She is seen in the harrowing footage of her abduction along with four other female soldiers from the Nahal Oz base by Hamas terrorists which was released by the families in May.

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