Health minister says new measures are attempt to ‘put genie back in bottle’

Speaking in the Knesset, Health Minister Yuli Edelstein claims that measures approved by the cabinet shutting event halls, bars and other places will take effect immediately, though a government announcement clearly delineates that they need an okay from Knesset lawmakers first.

“I don’t discount the hardships of business owners, but we need to remember one thing — we are doing everything we can to put the genie back in the bottle in the hopes that we can continue to live life in the shadow of the coronavirus in a different way,” he says, according to Ynet.

He also says that the number of seriously ill will double, even if Israel imposes a full lockdown now.

There are currently 90 seriously ill patients, out of nearly 12,000 active cases.

Given the fact that the effects of a full lockdown would only be seen after some two weeks and that serious cases, which usually take more time to develop, are a lagging indicator, Edelstein’s prediction appears to be unusually rosy, though he likely means it as a warning.