IDF targets Gaza City building belonging to organization funding Hamas

Emanuel (Mannie) Fabian is The Times of Israel's military correspondent

The Israeli military says it targeted a building belonging to the Al-Noor organization in Gaza City earlier this week.

According to the IDF, Al-Noor is classified as a terror group, due to its funding of Hamas.

The military says Al-Noor transferred millions of dollars to Hamas for terror activity in the West Bank, as well as distributed funds to the families of Hamas operatives killed or jailed by Israel.

The strike against the organization’s building in the area of Gaza City’s Daraj and Tuffah neighborhoods took place on Thursday.

In another strike this week, the IDF says it killed Salame Baraka, a member of Hamas’s East Khan Younis Battalion, who also served as head of the finance department in the terror group’s police.

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