Liberman, not Netanyahu, broke promises to voters, Likud retorts

Likud hits back at Yisrael Beytenu chairman Avigdor Liberman, who earlier today called on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to resign over continuing violence in Jerusalem and the West Bank.

Liberman accused Netanyahu of violating his promises to Israel’s citizens.

“It is Avigdor Liberman who promised his voters to join a nationalist government led by Netanyahu,” Likud says in a statement. “Immediately after the elections, he joined the left-wing parties in the opposition. It is he who grotesquely violated his promises to the public.”

In its statement, Likud adds its own characterization of Netanyahu’s performance: “Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is pursuing an aggressive and determined policy of defending the borders from illegal infiltration and guarding Israel’s security through a policy of zero tolerance toward terror. Instead of attacking the prime minister, one might expect of Liberman to support the aggressive steps [Netanyahu] is leading against terror.”

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