Likud: ‘Equality Bill’ would cause Jewish Law of Return to be overturned

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud condemns the passage of the so-called Equality Bill in its preliminary reading, saying the proposed legislation would ultimately see the Jewish Law of Return scrapped on the basis of discrimination.

“[Yisrael Beytenu leader Avigdor] Liberman and Gideon Sa’ar today passed the ‘law to cancel the Jewish state bill,’ which effectively means canceling the Law of Return and flooding Israel with non-Jewish refugees, who will ultimately turn the Jews into a minority in its country,” the party says.

It does not mention Blue and White’s Gantz, Netanyahu’s coalition partner, who advanced the proposal.

“Just yesterday, Sa’ar abandoned Likud and today he’s a full-fledged partner of the left,” it adds, referring to Sa’ar’s resignation from the ruling party to form his own list.

Both Liberman and Sa’ar are right wing.

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