Military assessment warns of high risk of war with Gaza

A yearly military intelligence assessment warns of a high chance of a major confrontation with Gaza in the near future, according to Hebrew media reports.

In the assessment, army chief Aviv Kohavi warns that military action may be needed to counter a possible attempt by Gaza-based fighters to carry out an attack on Israel.

Palestinians take cover behind a dirt mound as they raise their national flag during clashes along the Israeli fence east of Gaza City, on January 18, 2019. (Said Khatib/AFP)

The assessment also sees Iran moving its operations in Syria away from Damascus and to the T-4 base to the northwest, further from the border with Israel. And it says that Iran is slowing down its attempts to arm the Hezbollah terror group, thanks to US sanctions.

But it warns that 2019 could see Iran begin to hit back at Israel over its actions in Syria, with the potential for strikes snowballing into wider fighting.

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