Netanyahu promises ‘strong national government’; says it’s time to heal rifts

Netanyahu says he has spoken to all of Likud’s natural coalition allies — the leaders of the Shas, United Torah Judaism and Yamina parties:

“Tomorrow, after we’ve got some sleep, we will meet [with right-wing leaders] to form a strong, stable government, a good national government for Israel.

“This was a great victory for the right-wing camp, and first and foremost a victory for us Likudnikim. But I want to say, I intend to be the prime minister of every citizen of Israel, every right-wing voter, left-wing voter, Jews and non-Jews, every sector and every gender.

“In this campaign we saw the challenge of corona — there wasn’t a day in which I didn’t make time for constant meetings on protecting all Israel’s citizens. That’s my mission as prime minister.

“We must avoid any more elections. It’s time to heal the rifts. It’s time for reconciliation.”

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