Passport of Egyptian man belongs to victim, not attacker, officials say

The Egyptian ambassador to France, Ihab Badawi, said that the Egyptian passport found after the Paris attacks belongs to a man called Waleed Abdel-Razzak.

Abdel-Razzak, according to Egyptian website Al Ahram, sustained severe injuries in the bombing.

Badawi said the media “incorrectly” described Abdel-Razzak as a suspect in the bombings that hit the French capital.

“No charges have been directed at Abdel-Razzak at all,” Badawi said in a phone call with a daily TV show on privately owned CBC channel.

Head of the Egyptian community in France, Salah Farhoud, echoes Badawi’s comments. In a separate television interview Farhoud says the passport found by the French police belongs to a “football fan named Walid Abdel-Razzak.”

Abdel-Razzak’s condition was critical and he has undergone several surgeries, Badawi says.

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