Reports: Settlers block aid truck in West Bank, set fire to cars in nearby Palestinian village

Extremist settlers in the West Bank blocked a truck that was taking humanitarian aid to Gaza and unloaded the supplies onto the road near the Avatar outpost, Hebrew media reports.

The settlers then set fire to cars in the nearby Palestinian village of Yatma, near Nablus, Haaretz reports, quoting security sources who say the assailants also threw stones at passing vehicles.

Earlier the Kan broadcaster posted footage of right-wing activists removing food packages from a truck on the mistaken belief that it was destined for Gaza.

The reports follow a series of attempts by right-wing activists to block humanitarian aid headed for Gaza, in protest of the transfer of supplies to Palestinians in the Strip while over 100 Israeli hostages are still held there by terror groups.

At least seven aid trucks from Jordan were stopped and ransacked last week by right-wing activists, prompting a police investigation and outcry from the United States.

Today’s aid convoy was comprised of about 30 trucks, and one was attacked, AFP reports.

An AFP correspondent reports that some 30 Israeli peace activists from Standing Together, a grassroots group, travelled with the Gaza-bound convoy in an effort to protect it from far-right activists.

“The settlers managed to knock some of the aid off the truck, but because we got here quickly and because the police did their job, very little food was lost or damaged, and we can continue forward until the aid reaches Gaza,” says activist Suf Patishi, 32.

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