Russian POWs say they ‘were used like a meat shield’; ‘They sent us to death’

Ukrainian forces continue to publish videos of captured Russian prisoners describing being kept in the dark about the invasion even as it was underway, and condemning the Russian military’s conduct.

Though the videos were likely made under some duress, they are still striking.

In one, a soldier says his commander refused to tell him where the unit was going.

“I didn’t know we were going to Ukraine, I was tricked,” another says.

“We were deceived and used like a meat shield,” says yet another, according to the translation provided in the clip.

“We acted like Nazis. We attacked people here, so they were forced to defend their territory,” a soldier adds.

“Everything they say to us is bullshit… I just don’t understand why we were told all this crap in Russia,” a soldier says in another video while talking to his family. “We have been fu**ing left here just like pigs.”

In another clip, a captured trooper tells his mom: “They sent us to death, the whole fu**ing battalion. Everybody was killed… They don’t even take away the bodies.”

He warns her, however, not to make too much trouble back home. “If you start making a lot of noise the FSB will be after you,” he says, in reference to the Russian internal security agency.

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