Sexual abuse victims group blasts Australia for sending delegation to meet with minister alleged of aiding pedophiles

An Israel-based organization combating child sexual abuse in the global Jewish community slams Australia over a meeting held earlier today between Canberra’s health minister and Jerusalem’s Deputy Health Minister Yaakov Litzman, who is under investigation for using his office to pressure state psychiatrists to provide false reports deeming alleged sex predator Malka Leifer unfit for extradition.

“This is an astonishing development,” says Kol V’Oz head Manny Waks. “This is an affront to Leifer’s alleged victims, their supporters, and to those of us working tirelessly to ensure justice is achieved.

“At the very least, no Australian official should be legitimizing Litzman by engaging with him while he is still under investigation — his alleged conduct has exacerbated the pain and suffering of several Australian citizens. And by engaging with him, these Australian leaders have further added to these courageous alleged victims’ hurt,” Waks says.

“We are waiting every single day since 2011 for Malka Leifer to be extradited back to Australia and to see this meeting occur is deeply hurtful. Even more hurtful is that there is no mention of the alleged corruption and interference that has happened in this case,” says Nicole Meyer, one of Leifer’s alleged victims.

A Health Ministry statement says the sides discussed strengthening bilateral relations between the two countries, mainly in the areas of digital medicine, management of public health systems, assimilation of genomic technologies, medical cannabis and vaccination policies.

The delegation was from Western Australia and not part of the federal Australian government.

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