UK lawmaker accuses police of failing to act against antisemitism after ‘From the River to the Sea’ projected onto Big Ben

Andrew Percy MP (Courtesy)
Andrew Percy MP (Courtesy)

British Conservative politician Andrew Percy accused the UK of “failing to deal with” antisemitic hate after the phrase “From the river to the sea” was projected onto Big Ben at an anti-Israel protest earlier this week, local media outlets report.

The MP alleged that while the protesters beamed the slogan onto the side of the Elizabeth Tower, which houses Big Ben, police forces stood by and didn’t attempt to stop them.

Speaking in the House of Commons yesterday, the Jewish MP declared that people on the streets have been “demanding ‘death to Jews,’ demanding Jihad, demanding intifadas as the police stand by and allow that to happen.”

“Last night, a genocidal call of ‘From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free’ was projected onto this building,” he added.

“That message says no Jew is welcome in the State of Israel or in that land. This is going to continue happening because we’re not dealing with it.”

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