Burgas bomb victim to tie the knot
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Burgas bomb victim to tie the knot

After losing two friends in the attack, Daniel Pachima met his fiancee Dana Levy at Tel Hashomer hospital

Marissa Newman is The Times of Israel political correspondent.

Daniel Pachima (photo credit: YouTube screenshot)
Daniel Pachima (photo credit: YouTube screenshot)

When Dana Levy, 22, sent a “get well soon” card to stranger Daniel Pachima — who was critically injured in the July 2012 bombing in Burgas — little did she know that the terror victim would be her future husband. After following up on her card with a visit to Tel Hashomer hospital, Levy and Pachmina started dating, and on Saturday the two got engaged.

“We met during my rehabilitation in Tel Hashomer,” Pachima, 26, told Walla news. “We’re together a year and a half, but it feels like 20 years.”

“Along with many other people who wished Daniel a full recovery, I did too,” Levy said. “I just sent him a card that he should feel better. A week later I came to visit him in Tel Hashomer and the rest is history.”

Poking fun at his injury, Pachima proposed before family and friends wearing a T-shirt that read “My doctor gave me permission not to kneel, but who listens to him. I have a question?! Marry me.”

Pachima was severely wounded in the bus bombing on a shuttle departing from the Bulgarian airport, in an attack that claimed the lives of his two childhood friends, Maor Harush and Elior Priess. Priess had planned to propose to his girlfriend upon returning from the weekend away with his friends.

Pachima suffered from severe burns to his entire body, and lay unconscious in the hospital for two months.

“Fate brings us to situations that sometimes we don’t want to be in, but it turns out that even in the worst things there is some good,” Pachima said. “That same fate brought me to Dana, my future wife.”

But Pachima maintained that despite his newfound happiness, the memory of his friends and the pain of his experience did not subside.

“Not a moment goes by that Maor and Elior are not on my mind,” he said. “Especially during these times. A moment before I proposed, I searched for them among my relatives and friends waiting for me at my brother’s house,” he said.

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