A bilingual Hebrew-Arabic school in Jerusalem discovered Thursday morning it had been vandalized with anti-Arab graffiti.

“Death to Arabs” was sprayed on the school’s exterior wall, Israel Radio reported. Similar graffiti was found in a nearby commercial center.

MK Ahmad Tibi (Ra`am-Ta`al) tweeted a photo of the vandalism, adding that police had arrived at the scene.

It was not clear whether the vandalism was connected to the assassination attempt on right-wing activist Yehudah Glick Wednesday night.

The graffiti was cleaned off the wall later in the day. Israeli singer Shaanan Streett, whose children attend the school, shared a video of municipal workers clearing the defaced wall.

The Hand in Hand Center for Jewish Arab Education, located in the West Jerusalem neighborhood of Pat, has previously suffered similar property attacks, notably during Operation Protective Edge.

The school has 624 students in preschool through 12th grade. The organization operates three other schools in other Israeli cities.