An IDF deputy commander was dismissed from his position for his role in the violent hazing of new recruits to the Givati Brigade, the IDF spokesman said on Tuesday.

The ongoing scandal first came to light last December, when reports surfaced of the ritualized, violent initiations given to new recruits in the Tzabar Battalion, part of Givati. The ensuing investigation by military police led to 11 arrests and 4 indictments, according to Ynet News.

Givati Brigade Commander Colonel Ofer Levi convicted the Tzabar Battalion deputy commander of conduct unbecoming of an officer on Tuesday. In addition to losing his position and being demoted, the former deputy commander will also serve two weeks in military detention.

He received a lenient sentence in exchange for admitting his role in the hazings. Six more soldiers are currently awaiting military trial in the case.

The Givati Brigade is one of the IDFs top infantry and amphibious assault units. It was often posted in Gaza until the Israeli withdrawal of 2005.