Egyptian security forces on Sunday stopped a truck laden with one ton of explosives as it headed from Cairo towards the Sinai Peninsula.

The driver of the truck was arrested and authorities removed 50 crates of explosives from the vehicle.

Earlier this month security forces stopped three trucks that had 2.5 tons of explosive hidden in them as they drove through the Sinai.

Local media reported that in the last three months security forces have stopped five tons of explosives, rockets and other weapons, all of which were apparently destined to be smuggled into the Gaza Strip via cross-border tunnels.

Earlier on Sunday, Egyptian authorities arrested 10 Palestinians who had crossed into Egyptian territory via smuggling tunnels, Israel Radio reported.

They were suspected by the Egyptians of posing a security threat.

According to a senior Egyptian security official quoted in the Palestinian press, Egypt has drawn up a list of Palestinians who are “suspected of trying to harm the security of Egypt.”