A popular psychokinetic mystic has demanded that the newly installed head of Kadima make him his right hand man, Israel National News reported.

In a letter to MK Shaul Mofaz, Oren Zarif insisted that he be made Kadima’s number two because his supernatural powers enabled Mofaz’s victory.

Zarif said that the political system can’t operate without the aid of alternative powers, and he has intervened in the past on behalf of politicians who sought a little extra help in elections.

“If I am number two on [Kadima’s] list, I will retire from my business, and anyone who knows me knows I have no interest in neutralizing my whole system unless I’m number two and I can mobilize for the common good,” Zarif said.

If Mofaz does not heed his demands, however, Zarif will use his powers for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s benefit.

Zarif claims to be able to treat illness with “subconscious powers,” at four treatment clinics around the country. Zarif “transfers energies to the subconscious of the patient, awakening a process of self-healing,” according to his website.