A 73-year-old man suffering from hypothermia died hours after he was taken to Hadassah University Hospital in Mount Scopus in critical condition Wednesdaythe hospital announced.

The man was found at the Sayeret Duchifat station in the neighborhood of Pisgat Ze’ev, where paramedics administered CPR and rushed him to the hospital. The man also had other medical ailments.

Jerusalem emerged from one of the worst snowstorms in its history over the weekend, with snow reaching 40-60 centimeters in many parts of the city and temperatures regularly dropping below freezing.

At the height of the storm Friday, 60,000 households were left without power. Schools and public transportation resumed operation, for the most part, only on Tuesday. Temperatures were hovering just above freezing Tuesday night and Wednesday morning.

Hypothermia is caused by exposure to low temperatures and sets in when the core temperature of the body drops below the temperature necessary for normal metabolism.

Earlier, a 78-year-old man succumbed to his injuries at the hospital after his car overturned while driving on the Uzi Narkis Bridge in Jerusalem. According to police, the accident was not caused by road conditions.