December 15 Instagram photo of the day (photo credit: @ido8all)

Israel beach scene (photo credit: @ido8all via Instagram)

Cliche alert: A picture is worth 1,000 words.

Trite, yes. But true.

Instagram, a super-popular photo-based social network, enables us to upload our pictures, apply unique filters to convey a mood and tell a story, and share the experience with friends and other followers. Now, you can bring The Times of Israel’s readers into your Instagram world as well.

We’re looking for pictures that tell stories about Israel and the Jewish people worldwide — personal glimpses, fresh insights, new angles on the familiar… our realities as viewed through your unique filter.

We’ve launched an Instagram feed under the name @timesofisrael. Once you’re on Instagram, follow our @timesofisrael feed and tag your pictures with the hashtag #timesofIsrael. We’ll be looking through the photos you hashtag — please caption them with basic info on where, who, when, etc. — and featuring selections on The Times of Israel homepage, in a special section of our site, in our Instagram feed and on our Facebook page.

December 15 Instagram photo of the day (photo credit: @irahok)

December 15 Instagram photo of the day (photo credit: @irahok)

We want to share Israel through a new prism — from the imprints on ancient stones to the postmodern pandemonium of a party on a Tel Aviv rooftop. From the glitter of fresh fallen snow on the heights of the Hermon, to the stark beauty of a desert sunset. We want to see turquoise waves crashing on white sand. We want to see shadow and light in an Old City alley. And we want to see the faces of the people here — inspired and tired. Joyous and pensive. From a woman feeding dolphins in Eilat, to children touching the stones of the Western Wall. Because this is Israel.

From the Jewish world, we’re looking for moments of Jewish life — celebrations personal and communal, fleeting glimpses of the practical and the spiritual, challenges and triumphs, illuminations from all corners of the Earth. The tribe through your lens, from your vantage point.

Get snapping!

December 15 Instagram photo of the day (photo credit: @adijerbi)

December 14 Instagram photo of the day (photo credit: @adijerbi)