Mossad director Tamir Pardo and Shin Bet director Yoram Cohen briefed the cabinet on Sunday regarding the intelligence agencies’ efforts against Iranian and Hezbollah terrorism around the world.

The intelligence chiefs noted that over the past two years Iran and Hezbollah planned terror attacks in more than twenty countries.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu praised Pardo and Cohen for their work. “There is great significance in the ability to prove to the world that Iran and Hezbollah are responsible for terrorist attacks that cross continents,” he said.

Netanyahu also thanked Mossad and Shin Bet personnel for their efforts throughout the world in order to defend the citizens of Israel. He said that the Iranian wave of terror has been met and will be met with determined action.

Speaking to Fox News on Sunday, the prime minister said Israel had “rock solid intelligence” that Hezbollah and Iran are behind the recent terrorist attack in Bulgaria, which killed five Israelis and their Muslim bus driver last week. Netanyahu said “it’s time for all countries to point the finger at the country behind these attacks and the group that helps them, and that’s Iran with Iran’s proxy Hezbollah.”