An Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps general claimed on Saturday that the force has constructed a new, advanced and top-secret air defense system, Iranian state-run media reported.

The system, a project of the Revolutionary Guards, is, according to Brigadier General Hossein Salami, “an air defense system more advanced than what they didn’t supply to us due to their strategic interests.” According to the state-run Fars News agency, the comment is a reference to Russia’s decision to cancel the sale of the S-300 surface-to-air missile system to the Islamic Republic.

Salami said that the new top-secret system would “remain confidential” and not be displayed to the public or media.

Fars noted that a 2007 deal between Tehran and Moscow for the purchase of the S-300 system, a agreement valued at $800 million, was canceled by Russia in 2010, resulting in a still-pending lawsuit at the international court in Geneva.

Salami also said on Saturday that ballistic missiles in the hands of the Revolutionary Guards have “pinpoint precision capability when fired at mobile targets. This might be impossible in terms of science, but it is true and, in addition to us, only the Russians might possess this technology and even the Americans do not have it.”

The general also claimed Iranian drones were capable of conducting high-altitude missions “without being limited in range,” and said that the troops of the Revolutionary Guards “stand atop the world, given its hundreds of martyrdom-seeking battalions and hundreds of highly trained combat battalions.”