With thousands of Israelis planning trips abroad during the upcoming holiday season of Rosh Hashanah through Sukkot, Israel’s Counter Terrorism Bureau (CTB) asked the governments of Greece, Bulgaria, Thailand and Cyprus to step up security around Israeli tourists.

Concerns have also been raised about terror threats to tens of thousands of Israelis making pilgrimages ahead of the Jewish New Year later this month to the grave of a Hassidic rabbi, Nachman of Bratslav, who was buried in Uman, in the Ukraine, 202 years ago.

Israelis are also still being warned to avoid travel to the Sinai peninsula due to threats of terror attacks and kidnappings. On August 5, Sinai terrorists killed 16 Egyptian border guards before smashing across the border in a stolen armored personnel vehicle into Israel where they were thwarted by the Israel Air Force and ground troops. Israelis had been warned to stay away from the Sinai days earlier. The US had also issued a travel warning.

Warnings for travelers and general security assessments were published by the CBT Wednesday.

Iran and Hezbollah will continue to try to carry out terror attacks throughout the world, the CBT warned, with intent to target Israeli tourists and tourist areas.

The CBT warned that global jihadists present a danger in the entire African continent, especially in Nigeria, northwest Africa (the area including Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia), the Sahel and the Horn of Africa. September 11 has also been listed as a date that terrorists may try to carry out attacks.

The CBT created a Hebrew-language Facebook page where Israelis can receive answers to questions regarding travel warnings, travel and safety.

Security has been a growing concern for Israelis traveling abroad, especially following a July 18 suicide attack that killed six, including five Israeli tourists, in the Bulgarian resort town of Burgas.