A radical Arab sheikh, who heads of one of Israel’s strongest Islamist movements, has vowed that Islam will save the West from what he called “slavery to global Zionism.”

Sheikh Raed Salah, head of the Northern Branch of the Islamic Movement, said last month in a sermon broadcast on Al-Jazeera that Islam would triumph over those who “hate” the Prophet Muhammad. Speaking amid Muslim protests against the anti-Islam video “Innocence of Muslims,” Salah declared (in comments newly transcribed and translated by MEMRI, the Middle East Media Research Institute): “Our souls and our blood we will give to you, oh Prophet of Allah. As for you, you haters, you midgets, you little insolent people – whether in America, in France, or in Denmark – listen to us, so we can show you who you really are. You are slaves to global Zionism. You are slaves to Protestant Zionism. You are slaves to the Crusader hatred.”

He said Islam was coming “to deliver you from the ignominy of your slavery. Muhammad is the most popular name in Asia. Muhammad is also the most popular name in Africa. Very soon, Muhammad will be the most popular name in Europe.”

He added in the sermon: “I say to you who harbor hatred toward the Messenger of Allah that it will not be long before Allah grants us victory over you. Then, when you ask us, terrified and afraid, what we will do to you, we will say to you: You are free to go, because our goal is to shatter the subjugation of your minds to the enterprise of Herzl and David Ben-Gurion.”

Last month, Salah led a peaceful protest of about 100 people outside the US Embassy in Tel Aviv, amid anger over the anti-Islam movie around the Arab world.

Salah has been arrested by Israel several times and recently successfully fought a deportation order from Britain while there on a speaking tour.