Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations lambasted a recent reconciliation agreement between Fatah and Hamas, scolded member nations that lauded the deal, and called the Palestinian leader “two-faced.”

Addressing the UN Security Council on Tuesday, Ron Prosor criticized Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas for abandoning negotiations with Israel in order to embrace Hamas.

“As the deadline approached and courageous leadership decisions were required, Abbas deserted the talks,” he said. “True to form, President Abbas performed his distinctive two-faced, two-step. When Israel tries to tango with Abbas, we find ourselves abandoned on the dance floor as Abbas waltzes off with Hamas.”

Prosor also rebuked UN member nations who gave statements of support for the Fatah-Hamas deal.

“All those in the international community that are here today to commend and support this unity agreement are, in fact, lending legitimacy to terror attacks against Israel,” he said. “Hamas makes no secret of its intentions. Its Charter calls for the destruction of Israel.”

The reconciliation pact, signed last week in the Gaza Strip, calls for the formation of an interim unity government within five weeks. General elections for the Palestinian Authority presidency and government are to follow within six months, the agreement stipulated.

In his statement, Prosor urged the international community to take the Palestinians to task for violence against Israel.

“The international community is quick to condemn Israel, but never says a word when Israel is the victim of unrelenting attacks,” he said. “It must stop pointing fingers at Israel and demonstrate real resolve – the Palestinians must be held accountable for their actions.”