The Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA) has rallied to Israel’s defense, offering immediate services and financing to help restore communities devastated by ongoing rocket attacks in the lead up to and during Operation Pillar of Defense.

The JFNA announced a new Israel Terror Relief Fund, pledging up to $5 million in support of communities living under rocket threat, particularly those in the south. Its aim is “to stand shoulder to shoulder with the people of Israel at this critical time,” the organization said in a press statement.

The fund aims to help more than 1 million residents through trauma counseling, medical treatment, financial assistance, portable bomb shelters, and shuttling children out of the range of rocket fire. The fund will also offer respite for 23,500 grade-school students who live in affected areas, as well as psychological interventions for parents and children. It will enable partners to distribute food and emergency kits to the elderly and disabled, and provide care for severely disabled or frail elderly in their homes.