A Kuwaiti parliamentarian on Sunday called for an official investigation of the country’s interior minister for business ties with an Israeli company.

MP Faisal al-Duwaisan charged in an official request to parliament that the Interior Ministry purchased a border security system for the country’s Iraqi border from Senstar, a Canadian subsidiary of Israel’s Magal Security Systems.

He said Interior Minister Sheikh Ahmad al-Homud al-Sabah violated Kuwait’s Israel boycott laws and committed a “grave mistake” by dealing with Senstar, AFP reported.

Sabah, a senior member of Kuwait’s ruling family, was responsible for the deal with Senstar. Duwaisan claimed that continuing the project with the Israeli-owned company “amounts to treason… and to subjecting Kuwait’s national security to danger.”

If direct relations with an Israeli subsidiary weren’t enough, the country’s oil minister on Sunday also called for an investigation of the country’s petroleum company for its partnership with a Belgian company that has close ties with Israeli firms, the Kuwait News Agency reported.

A press release from the state-owned company said that Oil Minister Hani Hussein would take “firm and strong measures” against those responsible should the suspicions prove true.