An Israeli soldier was reportedly injured in a blast on the Lebanese border on Monday morning, Lebanese media reported Monday.

The explosion happened in the area of Adaisseh, which borders the Israeli community of Misgav Am, as IDF units carried out maintenance work on the border fence, according to the Lebanese Daily Star.

Al Manar, a Hezbollah-owned TV station, broadcast pictures of what it said was the scene of the blast. The channel reported that the soldier was wounded carrying out digging work in a trench on the border.

There were no details on the extent of the soldier’s injuries.

Israeli media reported that the IDF it knew of no such incident and that none of its forces were hurt.

According to The Daily Star report UNIFIL forces are trying to verify the nature and details of the blast.

In December, an Israeli soldier was killed by a sniper on the Lebanese side of the border, and Israel has seen sporadic Katyusha fire from Lebanon over the past several months.

On Sunday, a farmer in Lebanon found the remains of a rocket that apparently fell short during a volley on December 29, the Lebanon-based Naharnet news outlet reported.

In November, two soldiers were injured by a blast on the border. The army said the incident was a work accident and did not involve terrorist activity.