A former Mossad chief says Israel should punish the US for President Donald Trump leaking intelligence to the Russians, because his acts could endanger Israeli sources.

“We need to punish the Americans, it’s possible, so that we don’t put Trump in a position where he is again tempted, we need to abstain from transferring information to him, or to only give him partial information so that he can’t endanger any source,” says Danny Yatom, who headed the Israeli spy agency between 1999 and 2001.

Even though it is Trump’s right to declassify information, if he keeps doing it Israel wills “stop sharing in the future,” Yatom estimates, speaking in an interview with Radio 103 FM.

Yatom also says he is “sure that the Mossad will do all in its power so that the source can keep giving information, but would try to extract him if need be.”

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