Comedian Louis C.K. is coming to Israel sometime soon, apparently to supplement his income after he blew all his savings on a self-financed TV show.

C.K. told radio host Howard Stern Tuesday that he will do the show at a large venue such as a soccer stadium, and would “get as much money over there as I would here at home.”

No other information is currently available as to the date of C.K.’s show, and his website does not list any future tour dates in the US or Europe.

According to several recent news pieces about the comedian, he’s broke because “Horace and Pete,” his self-financed TV show, distributed on his own website, has not earned what he expected.

C.K. told Stern that his plan was to spend two million dollars of his own money on the first four episodes before financing the remaining six with profits made from the first episodes.

“Horace and Pete” is set in an ancient Brooklyn bar, originally owned by brothers Horace and Pete and handed down to their children and then grandchildren — all named Horace and Pete. The cast of the spare, beautifully acted show includes C.K., Steve Buscemi, Edie Falco, Jessica Lange and Alan Alda, with a theme tune by Paul Simon.

While he’s here, maybe he can gather material for his next “Saturday Night Live” monologue. The super-popular comedian, who doesn’t shy away from any subject, took on the Israel-Palestinian conflict in a 2015 SNL routine, in which he compared his two daughters to the warring sides.