An intruder broke into a home and stabbed a woman in a community near the border with Egypt and Gaza early Monday, before being shot dead by Israeli troops.

The woman, from the small agricultural community of Sde Avraham, was lightly injured.

Troops combing the area, in the Shalom bloc of the Eshkol region, also found a hole in the border fence with Gaza that seemed to be connected to the incident, according to Ynet news.

Authorities are investigating whether the stabbing was a terrorist or criminal incident and whether the man infiltrated Israel from Gaza or Sinai.

The man had no identifying papers on his body.

There have been several terrorist incidents originating from the Gaza and Sinai areas in the last several months, mostly involving cross-border shootings.

The border area had quieted down after August, when Egyptians troops began a a wide offensive in the Sinai Peninsula aimed at cracking down on terror groups operating freely in the area.

Sde Avraham, sitting at the confluence of the Gaza and Sinai borders, absorbed several rockets during the recent conflict between Israel and Gaza’s Hamas rulers.