The anguished mother of one of the missing Israeli teens believed kidnapped by Hamas on June 12 spoke to CNN Friday, appealing to the world for assistance in bringing the three home.

Rachelle Fraenkel told the American news channel that anyone who’s listening should do anything they can to bring the teens back home. “They are boys, they should be brought back to their families,” she said.

She called on “anybody in the world that’s listening… to do anything they can to get our children back home. We just want them back in our homes.”

“Any decent person would do anything they can to get them back,” she said.

Fraenkel disclosed little about what Israeli authorities have had to say about the mission to find her son, Naftali, and his friends Gil-ad Shaar and Eyal Yifrach, who were last seen last Thursday night. She said, however, that she believes they are alive.

“I know everybody’s working under the assumption that they’re alive, and that they have reason to believe that they are alive,” Fraenkel said.

She called the phone call made by one of the boys at 10:22 p.m. on the evening of the kidnapping “a very courageous act,” but said there’s a gag order limiting publication of the tape’s contents. CNN’s Ben Wedeman said the IDF didn’t learn about the phone call until nearly seven hours later and asked what she had to say about the time discrepancy.

“I can’t deal with that, I just want to find the boys,” she said. “The professionals are doing everything they can.”

Fraenkel described her situation as “surreal” and difficult. “We don’t sleep much, we don’t eat much,” she said, adding that taking care of her other children helps keep her sane.

Describing her missing son, Fraenkel said that Naftali has “a very cynical sense of humor. He loves basketball, he loves to play the guitar. He’s a good student, a combination of serious and fun. He’s my boy.”