First there was “New Girl,” then there was “Jew Girl,” and now there’s “Old Girl” — who also happens to be Jewish.

Roughly halfway through its second season, the popular US sitcom is still inspiring parodies, the latest of which went online last week.

In “Old Girl,” the title character is now a grouchy Jewish retiree named Muriel Rosenberg, whose concerns include Social Security, her dentures and playing bridge with a friend named Zelda Weiner.

The comically surly old woman is a far cry from actress Zooey Deschanel, whose “New Girl” protgaonist inspired the Fox series’ famous catch phrase, “adorkable.”

Deschanel’s character isn’t Jewish, though the show’s Thanksgiving episode recently cast Rob Reiner as her father (opposite Jamie Lee Curtis as her mom). Whatever the character’s background, the series makes frequent jokes about Jewish tradition via one of the her roommates, Schmidt — a breakout role for actor Max Greenfield.