The Labor party is the only alternative to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and the splitting of the center-left into small parties harms the possibility of replacing him, Shelly Yachimovich said after Tzipi Livni announced the founding of her new party on Tuesday.

“Creating another centrist party is a mistake,” Labor’s chairwoman told reporters. “We must unify our ranks in order to be a strong force that will topple Netanyahu.” Instead of dealing with the newly elected far-right Likud list we’re talking about yet another new party, Yachimovich said.

However, Yachimovich stated, Livni’s newly formed The Movement party “doesn’t change the picture.” Labor is strong “because the public has faith in us, and we’ll stay strong.”

Yachimovich also called for people who had voted Likud in the past to change their allegiance and vote for Labor. Only someone who “knows how to make decisions and doesn’t regularly change the agenda” can be prime minister, she said.

Using her Facebook page, the head of the Labor party asked “the moderate right voters in the Likud” to vote for her. It is time to choose a different economic approach, one that would give Israel “a better chance,” she wrote.