The number of terrorist attacks in October rose to 166, from 91 attacks in September, an increase of more than 82%, according to the monthly report released on Sunday by the Shin Bet security services.

Five people were injured in the October attacks: one IDF officer, one Israeli civilian and three foreign workers.

The increase in attacks was primarily from the Gaza Strip, from where 96 attacks were launched, as opposed to 23 attacks the previous month. A total of 116 rockets and 55 mortar shells were launched into Israel, the highest number since June. Additionally, there was one small arms shooting, two road side bombs and one anti-aircraft attack.

The number of attacks in the West Bank remained the same as in September at 39, while Jerusalem saw a slight increase from 28 to 31.

Of the 70 attacks in the West Bank and in Jerusalem, 68 were firebombs — 37 in the West Bank and 31 in Jerusalem.