President Shimon Peres called on Russia and the US Thursday to join forces and neutralize the threat of Iran’s nuclear program.

Speaking at the dedication of a new Jewish Museum and Center for Tolerance in Moscow, Peres said he hoped the two superpowers would act together to thwart the danger from Tehran.

“I pray that Obama and Putin will join hands in order to put an end to terror and dark threats,” he said.

“As Jews we will not close our eyes in the face of a new threat of destruction,” Peres said. “In taking this stance we are not alone. I know that is also the position of Russia. Russia in the past fulfilled a critical role in saving the world and today, a similar role awaits her.”

“There is enormous significance to the fact that Russia and the Jews fought together in the Second World War,” said Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, who also attended the dedication ceremony. “We have a joint goal: to not allow these terrible things to happen again.

Peres also met with Putin later in the day to discuss economic ties and international crises.

Putin said at the start of his meeting with Peres that bilateral ties had been developing successfully. The two leaders were expected to discuss the situation in Syria among other international issues.

Putin described the Jewish museum’s opening as a contribution to combating xenophobia.

Peres, on an official visit to Russia,  received an honorary professorship from the Russian Academy of Sciences on Wednesday.

The museum cost some $60 million and is the largest Jewish museum in Europe.