The Tax Authority decided Tuesday to move up its disbursement date for income subsidies relating to Operation Pillar of Defense by a month and a half, to November 30.

The grant is for residents of southern Israel and reservists whose livelihood suffered or whose properties were damaged as a result of the conflict. Some 31,000 residents of southern Israel will be eligible for a share of the grant, which totals NIS 41 million.

The date was pushed up to enable the communities to resume normalcy as soon as possible, and the decision was made after Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz requested it from Doron Arbeli, head of the Tax Authority. An extension of two weeks for the application date was also granted.

By last Wednesday, the last day of the conflict, the Tax Authority had recorded 1,790 cases of property damage.

Israel Radio reported that the amounts of the grants will be calculated according to a few factors, such as the community’s distance from Gaza.

The Manufacturers Association calculated that industries in southern Israel lost approximately NIS 200 million during the eight days of fighting. The loss was caused by employees being unable to reach work or from a drop in productivity due to the repeated rocket attacks from Gaza.