A Saudi cleric told viewers of a “lifestyle programming” channel this week that Jews are murderous tricksters who exaggerate the Holocaust in order to scam world governments, and use human blood to make Passover matzas.

Salman al-Odeh appeared on one of Saudi Arabia’s Khalijia Channel talk shows Monday and spoke about the Holocaust and the Jews, media watchdog group MEMRI (Middle East Media Research Institute) reported. Although he admitted the Holocaust occurred, al-Odeh charged it had been turned into “a sacred historical event,” “a myth of tremendous proportions,” and “a source for extortion.”

“Through this Holocaust, the Jews began to extort many governments worldwide,” al-Odeh said, claiming that the Jews then perpetrated a holocaust against the Palestinians in Gaza and “the occupied land.”

“The role of the Jews is to wreak destruction, to wage wars, and to practice deception and extortion,” according to the cleric, who charged that Jewish “innate infidelity and deception” brought foreign persecution upon Jews for centuries.

Citing the Talmud and other Jewish holy books, al-Odeh alleged that “Jews believe that they have the right to kill anyone who does not adhere to their religion.”

For his coup de grace, al-Odeh launched into a classic anti-Semitic blood libel, claiming that Jews use human blood to manufacture Passover matza. He posited that Jews eat the human blood matza because “they believe that this brings them closer to their false god, Yahweh.”

Al-Odeh closed with an accusation, reminiscent of the 1928 Massena blood libel and the death of St. Simon of Trent, that Jews would lure children in order to sacrifice them and use their blood for Passover rites.

The Khalijia station is owned by the Rotana Group, which describes it as a “life-style and fashion channel.”