The Shin Bet security service said on Wednesday that a resident of Dahariya, a West Bank village, was arrested overnight on suspicion that he had run over and killed an Israeli man, Avraham Hasano, in October 2015.

The unnamed suspect had been previously held at the Dahariya police station, the Shin Bet statement said. He was released by the Palestinian Authority several days ago and then arrested by Israeli forces “following extensive intelligence activity,” it said.

The IDF’s elite Duvdevan unit took part in the arrest operation, the Shin Bet said.

Hasano, 54, was a father of seven and grandfather of 9 from the settlement of Kiryat Arba, on the outskirts of Hebron.

He was killed when he was hit by a truck driven by the suspect. Images from the scene showed him emerging from his car brandishing a large wooden club after his car was pelted with rocks by Palestinians near Hebron. He then approached the truck, waving the club menacingly, and was run over. He died at the scene.

The driver initially fled the scene, but later turned himself in to Palestinian security forces, claiming he had not intended to hit Hasano, and that the incident was an accident.

He said he attempted to avoid hitting Hasano but did not have enough time to swerve out of the way. He then fled the scene out of fear.

Shortly after the incident, the driver called his Israeli employer to report that he had run someone over. He later turned himself in to Palestinian police in the town of Dahariya, where he gave his version of events.