Just over two years after an Israeli Embassy worker was injured in a terror attack in New Delhi, officials were reportedly rattled Wednesday afternoon when a 35-year-old man was seen suspiciously lingering around the diplomatic mission with a package in his hands.

Police responded to a call from the embassy that a suspicious man had attempted to trespass onto their premises, according to The Times of India. When police approached the man, he began to run and was chased down by officers and embassy guards.

Sappers and dog units arrived on the scene to dismantle the package, which turned out to contain a Ganesha idol, according to the report.

The suspect, identified only as Momin from the northern Indian state of Haryana, was reportedly injured in the chase. He was taken to a hospital for treatment, but remains under detention pending further questioning.

The incident came hours after a letter was received threatening to blow up the city’s Taipei Economic and Cultural Center in India. Law enforcement could not confirm if the two incidents were related, but The Times of India reported that Indian intelligence agencies had joined the probe and were waiting to interrogate Momin.

In February of 2012, Tal Yehoshua Koren, the wife of an Israeli security attache and an embassy worker, was injured when an assailant on a motorcycle affixed explosives to the back of her car and sped off as they detonated.

Documents obtained by The Times of India in July of that year showed that Indian police believed Iran’s Revolutionary Guards were behind the attack.