In material published along with its report on June 22, the UN’s Gaza commission issued a series of recommendations, as follows:

Recommendations for Israel:
The commission calls upon Israel to review its policies governing military operations and law enforcement in the context of the occupation to ensure compliance with international humanitarian law and human rights law, specifically but not exclusively with regard to:
• The use of wide-area impact explosive weapons in densely populated areas.
• The definition of military objectives.
• The targeting of residential buildings.
• The effectiveness of precautionary measures.
• Protection of civilians in the context of the “Hannibal directive”.
• The use of live fire ammunition for crowd control.
• Ensuring the distinction between civilians and fighters when neighbourhoods are declared “sterile combat zones”.

Israel should ensure that serious international crimes, where substantiated, are met with indictments, prosecutions and convictions commensurate with the gravity of the crime and that cases are not limited to individual soldiers but encompass those in command positions in the political and military establishments, where appropriate.

Israel should address the structural issues that fuel the conflict and impede respect for human rights. In particular it should lift the blockade on Gaza and cease all settlement-related activity (see Para 86 (d) of the Report).

Israel should accede to the Rome Statute and implement the recommendations of its Turkel Report, among other steps.

Recommendations for the State of Palestine:
The commission calls upon the State of Palestine to
• Ensure accountability for all violations of international humanitarian law and human rights law by the Palestinian Authority, the authorities in Gaza and the Palestinian armed groups.
• To intensify efforts to ensure human rights protection and accountability.

Recommendations for the local authorities in Gaza and the Palestinian armed groups:
The commission calls upon the local authorities in Gaza and the Palestinian armed groups to:
• End all attacks on Israeli civilians and civilian objects and stop all rocket attacks and other actions that may spread terror among Israeli civilians.
– put measures in place to prevent extrajudicial executions and eradicate torture and cruel and inhuman and degrading treatment.
– Cooperate with national investigations aimed at bringing to justice those responsible for violations of international law.
– Combat stigma faced by the families of alleged “collaborators”.

Recommendations for the international community:
• Take steps to limit the use of explosive weapons with wide area effects in populated areas.
• Actively support the work of the ICC with relation to the Occupied Palestinian Territory.
• Exercise universal jurisdiction to try international crimes in national courts and comply with extradition requests where suspects would face a fair trial.
• The Human Rights Council should consider a comprehensive review of the implementation of previous recommendations made to the parties by past fact finding missions and commissions of inquiry.