4 Israelis arrested in clashes with police over demolition of outpost home

4 Israelis arrested in clashes with police over demolition of outpost home

Activists throw rocks at officers, who respond with riot dispersal measures; settlers accuse law enforcement of using excessive force

Jacob Magid is the settlements correspondent for The Times of Israel.

Four Israelis were arrested Monday during the razing of an illegally built home in a West Bank outpost that precipitated violent clashes between security forces and settlers.

The demolition in the Yishuv Hada’at outpost east of Shiloh was ordered by the Civil Administration, a Defense Ministry body that authorizes construction in the West Bank.

A group of 60 to 90 Israelis threw large rocks at police officers and attempted to physically block them from carrying out the razing, a spokeswoman for the Civil Administration told The Times of Israel.

“The very violent actions of the protesters required the use of riot dispersal measures by the security forces,” the spokeswoman said.

But demonstrators accused police officers of using excessive force while clearing the building ahead of the razing.

“Security forces used terrible violence just to throw a family with a baby out of their home on a winter day,” Yishuv Hada’at resident Meir Bertler said in a video statement.

A family of three lived in the home, which had been constructed without a permit in the hilltop community that is home to some 20 families.

While the Civil Administration spokeswoman said that no injuries were reported during the demolition, right-wing activist Zvi Sukkot told The Times of Israel that officers brutally beat him, pinning him down to the floor of the house and spraying tear gas in his face.

Sukkot also claimed that no demolition notice had been handed to the owner of the building prior to the razing as is required by law. The Civil Administration spokeswoman said such notices are only required for temporary structures. For illegally built permanent homes, such as the one in Yishuv Hada’at, the Defense Ministry body has the right to demolish within 60 days, without prior notice.

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