Readers on 3 continents now brought together on ToI platform

Australian Jewish News becomes Times of Israel’s seventh local partner

‘It’s exciting to become part of a worldwide network of Jewish newspapers working side by side,’ says The AJN’s CEO Joshua Levi as cutting-edge site launches

Australian Jewish News homepage
Australian Jewish News homepage

The Times of Israel is delighted to welcome The Australian Jewish News as its latest local partner.

The Australian Jewish News has just launched its brand-new site, based on The Times of Israel’s reader-friendly design, and customized for the particular needs of The AJN.

The Australian Jewish News has been publishing for over 120 years, having launched in 1895 as the Hebrew Standard of Australasia.

“It’s exciting to become part of a worldwide network of Jewish newspapers working side by side to deliver news to people across the globe,” said The AJN’s CEO Joshua Levi. “This enables The AJN to deliver the best news from Israel, Europe and North America, while at the same time gives Jewish people in those countries more access to quality journalism from an Australian Jewish publication.”

Added Levi: “The AJN has been published for more than 120 years, and this is another step to ensure its future is secure in an ever-changing publishing landscape.”

The Times of Israel launched its local partners initiative four years ago, working in cooperation with local Jewish publications to bolster their web presence, better serve their readerships, and increase advertising revenue.

The AJN is the seventh ToI partner — joining The New York Jewish Week, New Jersey Jewish Standard, the New Jersey Jewish News, the United Kingdom’s Jewish News (which is now Anglo-Jewry’s biggest online publication), the Atlanta Jewish Times, and the Pittsburgh Jewish Chronicle.

The front page of first issue of The Hebrew Standard of Australasia, 1 November 1895

“We’re very pleased to welcome The Australian Jewish News as the latest Times of Israel-partnered website,” said David Horovitz, founding editor of The Times of Israel. “Cementing a partnership with this venerable publication, so far away from us physically yet so similarly focused on the Jewish people worldwide, underlines how the internet can keep us informed and engaged wherever we are.

“We now have news outlets on three continents all publishing on the same platform, bringing readers together, keeping them updated about issues that matter, enabling nuanced discussion,” said Horovitz. “And I invite other publications that could benefit from the ToI partners initiative to get in touch and consider joining.”

As with all Times of Israel partners, a module highlighting The AJN’s content now appears at the top of The Times of Israel’s hugely trafficked homepage and article pages when readers are in The AJN’s catchment area, showcasing the latest articles on The AJN site. The Times of Israel also carries a permanent “slider” module lower down on its homepage, highlighting content from all ToI partners.

After more than seven years of continued growth, The Times of Israel currently averages some 25 million monthly page views, with over 5 million unique monthly users; it publishes in French, Arabic and Persian as well as English; it has more than 200,000 daily email subscribers and over 7,000 bloggers. In May, it launched a Hebrew current affairs site,

Times of Israel editor David Horovitz. (Dennis Zinn)

By presenting Jewish world issues to local readers and local news to international readers via the local partnerships, said Horovitz, the local partners initiative “aims to appeal to more readers, with more engaging content, on both sides of the partnership — more readers for our local partners and more readers for The Times of Israel.”

The upgraded Times of Israel design, unveiled two years ago and now adapted for all of our partners, noted Horovitz, “has proved extremely well-received among readers, significantly raising readership.”

About Times of Israel Local

Publishers joining the Times of Israel Local initiative get a very reader-friendly digital platform, carefully tailored to their needs on the basis of a digital strategy developed by The Times of Israel in cooperation with RGB Media, the innovative Israeli firm that built and constantly upgrades The Times of Israel’s website.

The Times of Israel logo

Like The Australian Jewish News and our existing partner publications, new local partners will get access to all the tools and methodologies that have proven crucial to The Times of Israel’s quality and success: a state-of-the-art site, a blog platform to host the most vibrant marketplace of ideas; a daily or weekly email that gradually gathers a community of readers; Salamandra, the unique software that enables editors to shape their website and newsletters according to the content rather than forcing content into a predesigned shape; Spotlight, a state of the art advertorial platform; and much more.

Publishers who are interested in hearing more about becoming a Times of Israel local partner are invited to contact us here.

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