Family of Palestinian burglar shot dead by Israeli says he was ‘murdered’

Family of Palestinian burglar shot dead by Israeli says he was ‘murdered’

Relatives deny father of 8 was a thief, claim homeowner is lying. ‘If an Arab had shot a Jew he’d be arrested on the spot,’ mother-in-law says

The family of a West Bank man who was shot and killed Monday night while reportedly breaking into the home of an elderly Israeli man denied Tuesday that he had been involved in burglary, and claimed he had been shot without cause.

The incident occurred in Beit Yitzhak in the Sharon region, where an 80-year-old Israeli told police he shot two burglars after finding them in one of the rooms of his house, holding tools. One, Suliman Shalif, a 41-year-old father of eight from Tulkarem, was killed. The second was badly wounded and was taken to a Netanya hospital.

But Shaluf’s family said the homeowner was lying.

“We don’t believe he wanted to steal anything,” Shaluf’s mother-in-law Hiyam Abu Zahra told the Ynet news website. “He never did anything of the sort. He worked as an electrician in Israel and would come home once a week. He has a wife and eight children and he provided for them through his job, not through theft.”

Abu Zahra insisted Suliman and his friend were “on their way home and waiting for a car to pick them up.

“For a reason we do not understand, a Jewish man shot them without a moment’s hesitation. Why did he shoot him to death? He could have shot them in the legs and lightly injured them. He murdered [Suliman] in cold blood, for no reason.”

Abu Zahra said the shooter should be arrested and punished. “If an Arab had shot a Jew who broke into his home he would be arrested on the spot. But the Jew who shot [Suliman] remains free and is considered a hero.”

A neighbor of the homeowner supported his version of events, saying he had found several tools missing from his shed. He said he found the tools in his neighbor’s home.

“The burglars broke into my shed and then used my tools to break into my neighbors.”

Police have not expressed any doubt as to the homeowner’s testimony.

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