35 hostages for a 35-day truce: Mossad chief presents hostage deal outline to war cabinet

Mossad chief David Barnea has presented the war cabinet with a nine-point outline of the potential hostage release deal that could see the release of all 136 hostages still held in Gaza in several stages, Channel 12 reports.

According to the report, the first stage of the deal would see 35 hostages released in exchange for a 35-day truce — one day of truce per hostage.

The first stage of the truce would see the release of women, sick, injured, and elderly hostages.

The truce could then be extended for an additional week to allow for talks on a second stage of releases, including members of civilian defense squads and male hostages, whom Hamas considers combatants.

The number of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails to be released has yet to be decided, the report says, with Israel willing to let go of large numbers of light offenders in order to keep more serious offenders imprisoned, while Hamas is insisting on the release of “quality” prisoners, Channel 12 says.

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